MagicBlog vs Jasper

If you're looking for AI content writing software, chances are you've come across both MagicBlog and Jasper. You're in good shape with either.

Both platforms give you a competitive advantage in your content writing.

But there are specific areas where MagicBlog truly stands out—that lead to customers choosing MagicBlog.

Quick Comparison

See how they stack up with the top features

Main Features
Long Form Articles
Bulk Generator
100% Unique and AI Detection Free
Small team support from Co-founders
Competitive Pricing
Regular Software Updates
User Friendly Platform

MagicBlog offers affordable plans for individuals and enterprise

When it comes to pricing, we've worked hard to create a system with plans that work for both individuals who may be using MagicBlog for freelancing or on their blog. This allows us to offer plans that are extremely price competitive and half the cost of Jasper.

We also offer custom-based plans for agencies and folks who simply need a bunch of credits for large amounts of articles every month.

Jasper’s plan starts at $49 per month, while MagicBlog starts at just $19 per month.

Clean and easy-to-use interface that saves time

Nothing's worse than hopping into a new app and not knowing where to begin or how to use the software.

Sometimes, as builders and founders of software, it's hard to not just build every feature you can think of. However this often ends up with a slow app that is clunky and has so many features that you don't need.

Now, we'll give it to Jasper—they have a lot of great features, especially for short-form copies, however, you'll be paying for those every month whether. you use them or not.

We've taken a different approach. By maintaining our focus on simply creating the best AI-assisted articles possible, we've spent less time working on a bunch of random features which means our articles are extremely optimized and we're way less expensive as you're not paying for a bunch of features you don't need!

Then we package our core features and AI writer into a nice and neat user interface where you can keep the main thing, the main thing — creating more SEO-optimized content for your blog.

We ship new features fast

"Wait what? I thought you just said you don't add too many features?"

Very true, we did! But here's what we mean.

We value what our users say and spend a lot of our time talking with and listening deeply to the challenges they're facing daily and the feedback they provide.

This allows us to focus on building the RIGHT new features rather than building every feature we think of. And when we decide to move on to a new feature, we move fast!

On top of this, we're bloggers ourselves. We have our own blog and we're building MagicBlog from literally experiencing exactly what most bloggers experience.

We're working hard to take both our own learnings from running a blog, and what all our wonderful users share with us, and create something truly helpful to content creators.

We're a family-run business and care about you

My brother and I take this one to heart. Our goal is to create the best AI content writing software out there. We're doing this by engaging with our users and listening to them. We're quick to fix any bugs and we care about your experience and results.

And although we always keep our focus on maintaining a product that solves the real problem for users, we do love getting feedback about what features our users would love to see added. Oftentimes we can accommodate this and work hard to make sure that your suggestions get implemented into our latest updates.

At the end of the day, we're building MagicBlog to serve content creators all around the world.

So, we'd love to hear from you! Give us a shout at as both Zach and I manage that email and will respond to you.

Thanks for all your support!

Let's make magic together.

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